April 2015 | Being Jane

Thursday, April 23, 2015

My Secret Indulgence

Why are Oreos so good? Sometimes, when I know they are in my pantry, I dream about them. I can just be innocently watching TV, or getting something done around the house, and they call to me. As we speak I am laying in bed eating Oreos because I had trouble falling asleep due to the fact that I knew they were sitting in my kitchen.

Is that normal? Ah who cares, am I right? I'm happy, fulfilled, and a hardworking wife and mother who deserves to secretly indulge in her Double Stuff Oreos. I can't even consider tearing back that cellophane wrapper during daylight hours. If I do, a chorus of "I want one!" and "Me! Me!" are heard from any part of my house. Audrey has super sonic ears when it comes to wrappers and treats. Her first guess is "Bar?? Me??".... If not, she defaults to "Coo-kah?!" (cookie). 

I've learned to hide my treats and that leads to me engorging after bedtime while I catch up on my "mommy" shows.

What is your vice? Do you have a treat you hide that is just for you? Are you as crazy as me when it comes to Oreos?

Thursday, April 2, 2015

An Ode To Coffee

I lift the warm, white cup to my lips and inhale. I take a slow sip and let the dark liquid flow into my body. As I feel it course through my system, I begin to feel alive. Sips turn into gulps as my desperation for normalcy consumes me. As I reach the end of this invigorating journey I feel calm.

The dust of my eyes has been wiped away, and the weight on my shoulders has become lighter. I refill my cup and fully awaken, shaking off last night's slumber.

It may be six a.m. and it may be dark out, but I can face this morning, my dark elixir in hand. As my child continues her endless questions, my words grow clearer, my smile brighter. In the stillness of the morning, it's just the three of us. Me, my child, and my cup. The tunes on the television are the soundtrack to my sips.

I stand in the quiet, dark kitchen looking out at the scene before me, my fingers warmed by the heat of my cup. I see her hair creating a halo around her head due to the restless night before. Her her small frame perched on the edge of the couch, captivated by her Disney friends. And I sigh. It's a happy sigh. A contented one. 

No high is greater than this one. This organic happiness. 

This feeling can only be attributed to one thing.

My cup of coffee.

**all thoughts in this post are my true feelings, except the effects of coffee are extremely dramatized and do not in any way dictate my joy or ability to be a good mother ;)