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Monday, December 22, 2014

What Is Our Purpose In This Life?

What are you here for? Are you just here to live a life or do you feel like you are supposed to do something with that life that makes living it worthwhile?

We could easily go through life making it about us. You know the drill: job, kids, significant other, pets, friends, yoga, the gym, coffee dates, Netflix consuming your nights, iPhone consuming your days.

Are we making an impact with this lifestyle? Sometimes we can! We can be a light to others just by living life. Or we can continue to go to Target and Starbucks with our personal needs in mind, completely ignoring or missing any opportunity to shine God's light to those around us.

How can we make our days worth it? Not everyone feels led to volunteer or serve in certain ways, and for some there just isn't time. How can you serve within your commitments and routine?

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