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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I Resigned

I quit. Yep. I put up my hands and said "I can't do it today"...

Today I didn't do one lick of laundry. Not a dish was washed. And believe me, they need washing. I have no pants to wear, because they are all in the dirty laundry pile. The catbox needs to be done or my snotty, stuck up cats will start peeing on the dirty laundry that I haven't washed. Toys are all over the house. Groceries are on the counter instead of in the pantry. The fridge is almost bare.

But today I said NO. I looked straight at Daniel and said "I am stepping down as wife and mother today. Yes, I will still be a responsible adult in the home, but for today nothing is getting done". And therefore nothing got done. 

And it was glorious. 

Tomorrow will be a different story. I'll have to face those piles. The glass of wine in my hand is encouraging me to forget that tomorrow is coming, and just enjoy the now. The now that involves two sleeping children, a severely sick husband, candy, clementines, and Property Brothers.

I'm enjoying the now.


  1. Good for you! You deserve a day off!!!

  2. Good job! I love me some property brothers. I don't know if it's the properties or the brothers! Lol