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Friday, November 21, 2014

Good Morning, Friends

If you were sitting on my couch right now you would be forced to snuggle with my 3-year-old. Daniel Tiger would be on tv. Crumbs would be on the couch from her breakfast. My hair would be standing on end in a messy, dirty bun. Yesterday's makeup under my eyes.

But I have coffee! You wouldn't mind all that would you? I'm always good for a chat. I would love to actually have each of you over individually to chat, drink some yummy coffee, and relax together. But oh man, the miles that separate us are long! Schedules get in the way. And we resort to social media to stay in touch.

I've been feeling good lately. On Tuesday we found out we were approved to lease our first house! I am beyond thrilled, and we move in on March 7th. The neighborhood park is across from our house, the pool has a gated splash pad, and the neighborhood has a soccer field, volleyball court, and tennis courts! 

Do you want to help me pack? I'm the worst at packing motivation. I love unpacking, putting away, and organizing... But I have the process of cleaning up! My house is a reflection of that. It is clean, but not mess free. 

What state do you live in? Maybe you aren't so far after all.

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