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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Anniversary Date Night

It's 5AM and I want to sleep, yet I'm wide awake in the stillness of our bedroom. This has happened the last two mornings, and as heavy as my eyes are, my mind won't let me sleep.

This photo is a month old but I couldn't resist sharing one of our anniversary date photos ... That night was so fun and so needed. We went to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, raced to the movie theater next door to see Guardians of the Galaxy, and then perused Barnes and Noble until they closed. 

Those kind of dates are my favorite. They feel like the old days, when we could be spontaneous and carefree with our time.

He makes me smile. We are definitely our goofiest together, which I find comforting. Who better to be your true self with than your spouse, am I right? Before we had little ones, Daniel and I frequented the movie theater. Every movie we wanted to see, we saw. There was no waiting for Redbox.. we just went. Sometimes even double-features happened!

Sorry for the quality of these photos but I never get pictures with my guy, so these will have to do.

We happened to snag a family photo that night and I just love it. I'll leave you with it, and I hope your day is full of relaxation and whatever rejuvenation your body needs. Take that time for yourself. You deserve it.

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