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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Your Sunday Smile

As you enter a new week, enjoy these fun pictures from the last week. The girls have been so fun and silly lately. With Audrey nearing her first birthday I am seeing big changes in how she interacts with things throughout the day, and also with the things she tries to do. Emma is flourishing being in preschool two days a week and it's so fun to hear the things that come out of her mouth these days!

She climbs up and sits in this chair constantly throughout the day. It melts my heart.

Late night shopping with just mom! She was so giggly.

Her face was pressed against the rail. I just couldn't understand how that was comfortable.

So happy with her new purse full of fun things from Aunt Tiffany and her cousins!

 I love their wonder.

Sisters in awe of the sting rays.

Emma could stay in this area of the aquarium the whole visit and be so happy.

In awe of all the Nemo fish ;)

Happy Sunday! I pray your week starts off with peace and joy. 

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