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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I Am Talking To You This Morning

It's true. I love blogging. I love Instagram. I love the community of fun and encouraging women I've met and been enveloped by over the last 1.5 years... Wow, has it really only been that long? I started blogging January 2013. It feels like a lifetime ago. Three different blog names, countless giveaways, tons of linkups and blog hops... So many friends. Even a blogging conference!

Sometimes I just want to text each and every one of you every day and have hundreds of personal conversations. Sometimes writing a post to the masses and hoping it's read by it's intended audience isn't enough! Sometimes I just want to text or email all of you and check-in with a "Hi, how are you doing?"

And yes, even YOU. Even the YOU that I haven't met or talked to before. You're here. You're reading. I want to talk to YOU! How are you? Is your day going well? Did you get your morning coffee? Do you even like coffee? Do you have kids hanging on your pants right now? Do you have kids?

Regardless of whether or not we do get to talk, I want to say hi. And if you would like to talk let me know. I LOVE VOXER.

Have a beautiful day!


  1. I know what you mean! I started a link up on my blog every other monday called coffee time for this reason...so that we would have a chance to write a post that was more like a coffee chat would be, and then linking gives us the option to pop around and chat with eachother a bit :)

  2. I hear that! I have four kids and they all go to school....thank goodness. However, that ten minute ride to school is really stressful because they fight, argue, and yell in the car the ENTIRE time. So, I usually get home, grab my coffee or tea, and read some blogs, check Facebook, or Instagram before the official day begins.

  3. I had saved your blog on my phone from instagram meaning to check in (that was like a month ago) I just now got around to coming back. I like how real you are! We need that as Moms because we all go through the messy days! Anyway...Hey girl Heyyyy!

    xo Krissy @ Sneakers and Sequins