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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Emma's Adventure In Potty Training Continues!

This article is sponsored by Pull-Ups®

You all know how much Emma has struggled with potty training and the reward system. I think we tried every pull-up, every princess and Tinkerbell underwear, and every kind of reward possible. She gets the concept, but the upkeep just doesn't stick.

Enter Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy! I was so excited to find out they had revamped their app and Pull-Up reward system. Emma loves the timer that reminds her to go potty, she loves the encouragement, and most of all, she loves the Disney-themed games that she gets to play when she successfully goes in the potty! 

One thing I really like is the option to give Emma a game even if she doesn't actually go. If she tried, didn't wet her Pull-Up, and just wasn't able to go, she still did a great job so I get to choose to give her a reward game anyway for the effort!

Their progress chart let's your customize your chart based on your child's needs and the way you want to reward them for certain actions! 

The Big Kids Academy was shaped to be able to work for your child, and to encourage your child, with customizable options and your choice of reward games! 

Every Kid is Unique. That’s why when you enroll at the Big Kid Academy, you’ll get a personalized “My Pull-Ups®” page with potty training activities and advice customized to your point in the potty training journey.

The Big Kid Academy has a world-class library of potty training tips and advice from parenting experts, medical professionals and our brightest alumni: parents who have been there. Subjects include:

• How to talk to day care providers about potty training
• Solutions for nighttime
• Potty training on the go
• The best clothing for potty training

Our top 5 tips for potty-training are:
  • Set a timer (which we use the Big Kids Academy app for! Emma loves it)
  • Make it fun (no scolding for accidents or disappointed words when they don't succeed)
  • Create your own potty dance (we have one for running to the potty, and one for successes!)
  • Accidents WILL happen, keep trying. If you keep stopping your child won't get the idea that this is the new normal. (I am totally guilty of this)
  • Don't jump to underwear too soon. Let your child learn the concept before putting the pressure of staying dry on their minds!
We hope you feel encouraged to try this concept with your child. The minute I got the opportunity to try it and share it with you I was excited for Emma because I knew this system was good for her! We are still learning and practicing, but it is MUCH more fun and way less stressful. 

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