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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Teething and Couch Beds!

Audrey has been getting her top teeth, slowly, and that has made for some sleepless nights this week! Her and I made a bed on the living room floor a couple of nights, and then I fashioned a fun bed out of our couch! Last night I was SURE we were over the hump because her naps had been solid and her mood was wonderful. So we went to bed together in the real bed. Ahhhh... It felt like a cloud compared to the couch! 

From 9:30pm to 3:30am it was a constant stream of cluster-feeding. She nursed non stop! At 3:30 her cries were so bad that I knew she was going to wake up Emma, so I resorted to pacing the living room. Nothing could quiet her and she kept arching her back, so I broke out the infant ibuprofen. Within 10 minutes Audrey was passed out cold. I laid her on the couch and passed out myself. We didn't wake up until 7:15am when Daniel and Emma let me know that the girl I babysit was about to arrive. Oops! I haven't slept that late in a long time.
This morning went smoothly, and it was a blessing that Emma had preschool today, because that meant my tired state had an easier day ahead of me. Because of my babysitting, daddy had drop-off duty and Audrey happened to nap most of the time and I was able to watch White Collar while the whole house slept. 

After school Emma was treated to a lunch date with a handsome man she calls "daddy" (her Barbie friends got to come along too). They went to Souplantation (also known as Sweet Tomatoes here. Weird I know.) and she came home smiling and full of excitement because he rented her her own Redbox movie: Rio 2! She, adorably, pronounces it "Wee-o".

I'm looking forward to early bedtimes tonight, and a fresh start tomorrow!

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