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Monday, August 18, 2014

I Breastfeed Without A Cover

I'm at the park with Audrey and there isn't a soul around. It's a gorgeous day, there is a breeze, and you wouldn't know it was August in Arizona. Fall is definitely coming early this year, thank The Lord.

Because there is no one here, I am nursing Audrey on a park bench, without a cover. As I sit here I am thinking, "this is how it should be". Breastfeeding is natural. It is how God designed our bodies to nourish our babies. Yes, there are many who cannot or do not breastfeed, and this is not intended to make those women (if that is you) feel badly about themselves. This is just a breastfeeding mama who wishes the concept wasn't so "offensive" to so many.

Do you know how hard it is to keep a 9 month old baby covered? It is a WAR! Since Audrey was born she has pulled covers off. She has batted them away. She has exposed me to the world many, many times. Even when I don't use a cover I don't just let it all hang out. I do want to keep my dignity, and no, I don't want strangers seeing my goods. I always wear a tank top under whatever shirt I am wearing that day, and I lift the top shirt up enough for Audrey to eat without exposing myself to the world.

I AM tired of feeling stressed when she needs to eat in public. We can't only go out when she's full, that's not practical. 

Truthfully, people don't HAVE to look when a mother breastfeeds her child. Yes, it can be hard to look away if someone isn't being discreet, but for many of us we try to be respectful about our choice to nurse cover-less.

Emma often says to me "Audrey's looking at me!! Tell her not to look at me!!"

And I tell her: "Well, if you can see her looking at you, you're looking at her too".

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