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Saturday, July 26, 2014

I Lasted 11 Days Make-up Free


So.. Eleven days ago I said I was going makeup free for 30 days. I started out feeling confident and beautiful in my natural self. I even went so far as to refrain from straightening my hair when I wore it down. 

Since my decision to do this challenge I have progressively felt more and more insecure in myself. I've felt the need to dress even more feminine, such as constantly wearing skirts and dresses, and adding jewelry.

This opened my eyes to the fact that I am not as secure in my natural beauty as I thought I was. I am always a naturalist, and I even go so far as to use plant-based makeup and all-natural shampoo free of sulfates. I'm a little anal about these chemical free concepts. But I still can't stop wearing makeup. 

It's a battle with myself, for sure! Part of it is that I feel plain. Another part is that I have always had a young look, and without makeup I look even younger. Another aspect is confidence. My confidence as a woman, wife, and mother is stifled when I don't feel good about myself.

Obviously this isn't a healthy way to view myself, but I am being upfront with you in case you might feel this way too. 

I did not add back in eyeliner though! Yay me! It used to be that as long as I had eyeliner on I could forego all other makeup because I felt someone "awake" and put together.

Do you struggle with makeup? How does it make you feel when you aren't wearing it?


  1. You're so lovely! {with and without makeup!} I absolutely LOVE your eyes! Gorgeous!

    If I'm going out, I feel the need to put on makeup- but I'm very minimal: a little powder, some blush and mascara...only enough to make me feel a little fresher, because I feel like I look sleepy without some mascara and a little color. I try to keep the heavier makeup for special occasions...it makes me feel a little more girly on those occasions when I pull out the eyeshadow and eyeliner :)

  2. Not to be.rude but yoir kind of freaky looking without it. Also you need bangs, your forehead is huge and your eyes are to scary to look at. Your no way near a natural beauty and yoir blog proves it i have seen you eat garbage so stop being fake. As a Witness i feel honesty is best. You need a close crop hair cut to tone down your large features and dark hair this color is highlighting the flaws

  3. Stop lyin she looks like an Alien