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Friday, July 11, 2014

Going Away For Awhile!

I surprised Daniel with a cabin/cottage in the mountains for the weekend. Because I'm the bomb, I went out on a covert mission last month and requested off his birthday weekend at his work, unbeknownst to him. Yes, I'm awesome. 

The cabin is a 2 bedroom, 1 bath cozy, little dream home. I honestly wish we could buy it and move there! We will be gone for an extended weekend and to make you even more jealous...the temperature will be in the upper 70's during the day and in the 50's. This Arizonian is sure thrilled to get out of the 100+ temperatures we have been experiencing down here!

Have any of you been to Flagstaff? I would love any recommendations for fun things to do (kid-friendly) and places to eat! I am sure I'll be using Yelp a lot. 

Get excited for some awesome photos when we get back!

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