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Monday, June 9, 2014

Some Days I Start To Feel Angry

The kids won't give me a minute.

I realize I'm on my phone too much (and still on it writing this post).

The dishes are overflowing from the sinks to the counters.

There isn't enough room for my kids' toys (yeah, I know.. Boo-hoo right?).

I just took a break from this post out of guilt because my toddler was rolling around the couch chewing on her hand. 

There's "nothing to eat" in the house, but I don't want to go shopping because there isn't enough room in the pantry and freezer for more food.. Can you say "first world problems"?

I want to order pizza because I want soda and don't want to go to the store with two small children just for a 2-liter.. So I order it, then feel guilty for not eating my pantry full of food.

I get angry that I'm whining and frustrated over small things.

That's when I realize I haven't taken my medication today. Yes, it truly affects me that fast. It's sad to me, but incredibly eye-opening that it is important to stay on top of treating my postpartum depression... And it's important to remind myself to lay off the guilt trips. My girls are more important than the dishes and laundry. Even if we have no clean forks and no clean socks.


  1. I've been so sad lately too when I know I have a really good life. I hate that we get this way and that pills are what helps. I stopped taking my meds and often think I should get back on them...thank you for the truthfulness of this post. Love you.

  2. Isn't it a bummer? When I am not nursing I would love to take natural supplements to boost those chemical levels.

  3. Do you take anything? Yeah, Grace is huge and I have been giving all of us a lot more.