Little Audrey is Seven Months! | Being Jane

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Little Audrey is Seven Months!

So Audrey turned 7 months on June 1st and I completely forgot to share with you all!

Audrey is crawling ALL OVER. She pulls up to stand on everything, including Daniel and I, and she is blabbing away. She can say "Da-da", but I'm working on "Ma-ma" ;)

Her favorite toys are her crunchy monkey: 

And this toy bottle:

She isn't sleeping through the night yet, but I chalk that up to a quick metabolism like her sister had. We still co-sleep and we love it! 

Audrey eats a lot of food and loves everything we give her. She's definitely not picky! If we let her eat it, she will take it!

I'll end this with saying that she is so determined. So curious. So driven. I can see this being really great for her in life so I'm trying to shape it into a great thing instead of letting it grow into making her a stinker :)