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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Very Green Smoothie

I made a thick, tasty, healthy smoothie for the Bean and I this morning! She has entered this "I don't like it" phase before she even tastes things, and most of the time it is something she loved the week before. We have a try-it-once rule, but even that has procured massive meltdowns as of late.

ENTER THE VERY GREEN SMOOOOOOOTHIEEE! (That was said in a WWE announcer voice)...


• Coconut Milk (fortified Silk brand)
• Fresh Spinach Leaves (torn into small pieces)
• Frozen Peaches
• Frozen Figs (green, from Trader Joe's)
• Frozen Carrot Slices
• Fresh Apple

I start by putting the desired amount of coconut milk in the blender, based on how many servings I need. Then I added handfuls of each kind of produce, except only 2 figs because they are large.

The most dominant flavor was the figs, so without them I'm sure it would have a very different kick! 

You can always add more milk if the consistency is too thick for your liking.

Have a healthy, yummy morning!


  1. I love green smoothies! Yours look so simple to make, too...I've never really been a fan of figs, but maybe it's time to try them out again. xo

  2. It definitely doesn't taste "green"!

  3. It was so simple and fast! I literally tossed in whatever was in front of my face.