June 2014 | Being Jane

Friday, June 27, 2014

Hello Friends! I Miss You!

It's selfie Friday! Can we make that a thing?

I miss you all so much! Life gets busy with teething babies, sick toddlers, school, and other commitments. I feel like I've been posting on here but I haven't really posted on here. I haven't just said "Hey! Hi! How are you doing??"

So I'll say it now. Hey! Hi! How are you doing??

This morning I am leading my lovely Thrive Moms group at a local coffeehouse. I just love these mornings! Tonight is also my first big party at my house. Ladies are actually coming! My sister (www.questforahusband.com) is an ItWorks! Distributor and we are throwing this par-tay together. I'm really looking forward to it! I am even doing a light dinner set up. Hey, I don't get out much. I gotta take what I can get!

Are you doing anything special today or this weekend?

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Comfiest, Prettiest Dress I've Ever Owned!

Let me just start this by saying that I am in love. With an article of clothing. I don't usually let myself fall in love with inanimate objects, but this time my ability to withhold buckled.

This dress is PERFECT for nursing moms, non-nursing moms, non-moms... and I found it at our favorite place: Target! (and no I was not encouraged to write this, nor am I going to be compensated, I am just that smitten).


I didn't even realize until I put it on, that the flowy ties in the front could be pulled up to create a halter-style. This made me so happy! Nothing is worse, as a mom, than having your small child yank your tube top or strapless dress so hard that you expose yourself to everyone. It happened to me once. In front of my mother-in-law!

This dress didn't cost me an arm and a leg, and I actually snagged another one with a different print for 1/2 off!

Better run to Target today... You "just" need to pick up some deodorant, right? Maybe just slip one of these into your cart on your way to the Beauty section ;)

Monday, June 23, 2014

We Went to the Phoenix Children's Museum!

We are proud new members of the Phoenix Children's Museum!

With it being so ridiculously hot here during most of the year it is vital to have something to do indoors, but not in your own house. The heat makes getting out of the house on a regular basis not so fun! That is why we tend to invest in memberships at the aquarium and such. 

This post is basically an awesomely fun photo dump of Emma's first time there since she was an infant. It's so different now that she can do everything!

It was so fun to watch Emma explore and run around. Audrey had her own fun in the baby zone of each room. I am definitely glad we made the choice to go! 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

We Have The Best Lemon Baby Video!

Audrey had her first lemon experience yesterday! I am pretty sure that we have the next best YouTube video!


She is such a silly girl, too, because she kept eating it!

I hope this brought a smile to your face this Thursday!
Feel free to share ;)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Very Green Smoothie

I made a thick, tasty, healthy smoothie for the Bean and I this morning! She has entered this "I don't like it" phase before she even tastes things, and most of the time it is something she loved the week before. We have a try-it-once rule, but even that has procured massive meltdowns as of late.

ENTER THE VERY GREEN SMOOOOOOOTHIEEE! (That was said in a WWE announcer voice)...


• Coconut Milk (fortified Silk brand)
• Fresh Spinach Leaves (torn into small pieces)
• Frozen Peaches
• Frozen Figs (green, from Trader Joe's)
• Frozen Carrot Slices
• Fresh Apple

I start by putting the desired amount of coconut milk in the blender, based on how many servings I need. Then I added handfuls of each kind of produce, except only 2 figs because they are large.

The most dominant flavor was the figs, so without them I'm sure it would have a very different kick! 

You can always add more milk if the consistency is too thick for your liking.

Have a healthy, yummy morning!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Stickers Rip and Tears Fall

Okay, I just have to say that these Melissa & Doug reusable sticker pads are the bomb. 

I wasn't prompted to write this post by the company, I just love them that much! Well, I love them because Emma loves them. The biggest cause of her emotional meltdowns during playtime are crayons breaking, plastic toy characters falling over, and stickers ripping and losing their stickiness.

These pads rock. They don't rip and they don't lose stickiness. I bought one out of the many choices I found on Amazon, and I think I need the rest. 

In Emma's current set up all her farm animals are hiding in the barn where they are "safe and sound" from the "rain". Ah, toddler imaginations. 

All future sticker meltdowns averted! You can visit the link to get your own! They are only $6-$7 a piece!
There are so many versions. Have fun surprising your little one!

I am apart of the Amazon Affiliate program and this post contains affiliate links.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Little Audrey is Seven Months!

So Audrey turned 7 months on June 1st and I completely forgot to share with you all!

Audrey is crawling ALL OVER. She pulls up to stand on everything, including Daniel and I, and she is blabbing away. She can say "Da-da", but I'm working on "Ma-ma" ;)

Her favorite toys are her crunchy monkey: 

And this toy bottle:

She isn't sleeping through the night yet, but I chalk that up to a quick metabolism like her sister had. We still co-sleep and we love it! 

Audrey eats a lot of food and loves everything we give her. She's definitely not picky! If we let her eat it, she will take it!

I'll end this with saying that she is so determined. So curious. So driven. I can see this being really great for her in life so I'm trying to shape it into a great thing instead of letting it grow into making her a stinker :)

Monday, June 9, 2014

Some Days I Start To Feel Angry

The kids won't give me a minute.

I realize I'm on my phone too much (and still on it writing this post).

The dishes are overflowing from the sinks to the counters.

There isn't enough room for my kids' toys (yeah, I know.. Boo-hoo right?).

I just took a break from this post out of guilt because my toddler was rolling around the couch chewing on her hand. 

There's "nothing to eat" in the house, but I don't want to go shopping because there isn't enough room in the pantry and freezer for more food.. Can you say "first world problems"?

I want to order pizza because I want soda and don't want to go to the store with two small children just for a 2-liter.. So I order it, then feel guilty for not eating my pantry full of food.

I get angry that I'm whining and frustrated over small things.

That's when I realize I haven't taken my medication today. Yes, it truly affects me that fast. It's sad to me, but incredibly eye-opening that it is important to stay on top of treating my postpartum depression... And it's important to remind myself to lay off the guilt trips. My girls are more important than the dishes and laundry. Even if we have no clean forks and no clean socks.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Free "Please Knock" Printable!

Hello lovely friends! Today I have a fun, free printable to share with you!

Am I the only one who's kids are constantly being disturbed by the UPS man, FedEx man, pizza delivery guy... catch my drift? The dreaded doorbell dingers?

I have always taped a piece of paper over my doorbell, but since moving into this apartment I have forgotten to write a new one. Of course the doorbell sounds right by the girls' room! So today I designed my own printable to have a snazzy reminder for those noisy visitors. You can even laminate it so that it doesn't break down in harsh weather conditions ;) Just right-click to save!