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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Are You A Mormon?

I would love to learn more about what you believe, why you personally believe what you believe, and what you do or do not adhere to in your lifestyle in this modern age.

Also, what are you not allowed to do/partake of in your lifestyle?

I am so intrigued by Mormonism and I keep finding more and more bloggers who are. Is blogging common for your religion?

Before you reply I will say that I am a strong Christian and I am not looking to change my faith, but I would really like to learn about your beliefs!


  1. I am a Mormom. If you haven't already, you can learn a lot about our basic core beliefs on To put it simply, I believe that I am a child of God, I believe that Jesus Christ atoned for my sins, i believe He died, was resurrected, and that He lives. I believe They both love me and want me to return to live with them again in heaven. I believe that we have a living prophet on the earth today and, like prophets of old, he receives revelation from God for all people. I believe that families are forever and the bond of families is one that extends past this life and through the eternities.

    As far as what I do and do not adhere to, obviously no one is perfect, but I strive to adhere to it all.

    The most common things people associate with Mormonism is not drinking coffe/alcohol/no smoking/drugs. We have high standards for modesty, don't believe you should date until you are 16, that you should save sexual activity for marriage...those are the first things that come to mind. ;D

  2. oh, what a juicy topic! My husband was a Marine Corps recruiter for years and was known for his ability to recruit mormons by learning their beliefs...I have heard some interesting things, to say the least ;)

  3. I too have been rather intrigued with Mormonism as of late. I am a strong, practicing Catholic and would never consider changing, but I read a TON of Mormon blogs and their lives seem rather innocent and clean, which is very refreshing. I think that's what attracts me to their blogs/lives. I think their belief that "families are forever" is maybe one of my favorite things. It's something we as Catholics believe in also, and it's a refreshing reminder that Mormons blog about that ideology so often. It's very comforting to be reminded that I too believe in that, especially when I've had a long hard day and I read a Mormon bloggers post about it. I suppose I'm also intrigued because I myself do not blog much about my own religion. For no particular reason other than I just happen to steer away from such topics for the most part. Also, I work as a behavioral therapist for children with autism, and one of the families I work with and am very close with is Mormon. The mom writes a blog, and I asked her a while ago if it's common for Mormon women to blog and she said absolutely! She had no reason as to why, she just said most of her friends do and she's done it forever.

  4. I'm a Mormon ;) Blogging isn't like a church function thing, just happens to be the best way for young couples that get married to keep family updated and such if they move away. Though we are encouraged to write in journals and sometimes blogs become those hahaha like mine is more of a journal type ;) We believe families are together forever, death will not part you which is so comforting for those that have lost a loved one. I have two families I'm very close with that have lost children and they are saddened by the loss but comforted by the knowledge that aren't actually lost to them ;)

    The core of what we believe is that God speaks to prophets today and that we have a living one here on the earth to help us. And that the family is essential to our eternal happiness. We try to keep as much focus as possible on our family units and keeping them strong ;)

    If you have any other questions (or if I didn't make sense hahaha) just ask me! ;)