March 2014 | Being Jane

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Six Years Today

Six years ago today, neither of us knew our lives would change in a big way within a matter of hours.

How was I to know that by getting a quick job at a local Applebee's, I would be changing my future. 

I couldn't have known that the guy I met on my first day would be my husband. He kept the first three buttons on his black dress shirt un-done, cuffed up his sleeves to the elbows, wore leather bracelets and necklaces, and bleached his Keith Urban-esque hair.

To be honest, the minute I met him I thought he was gay. Not because of his style, but because of what words came out of his mouth the first time he saw me.

"Cute bag!"

Seriously, straight men don't call a purse a "bag", and they definitely don't call it "cute". 

Little did I know he just had great fashion sense, which, six years later I fully appreciate!

When I left the restaurant that day my sister (also a blogger), whom I lived with at the time, asked me if I had met anyone nice. I said that I had, and he was really cute, but that I was pretty sure he was gay.

Two weeks after my first day on the job, we ended up in a conversation about our upbringings, which were scarily parallel. That led him to ask me over to hang out with some friends of his, and he did not, I repeat, DID NOT, mean for it to be a date.

But it turned into one. We watched Rent and Accepted. And I moved in three days later. (More on that story here).

Needless to say, I adore the heck out of this guy. And I am so proud to say that we are as strong as ever six years later. When all the odds and doubts were against us, we prevailed.

My apologies for the horrible quality photos, but it was 2008 and the "cool phones" just weren't that cool yet! (I had a Samsung Matrix, which slid open BOTH ways. Too cool.)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Would I Want My Kids To Read This?

**Photos of my girls have been removed to protect their digital footprint**

Everything we do on social media could be read and seen by our children.

Have you ever thought about that?

Being candid and raw in the blogging world is something we all respect and appreciate, but it can also go too far. I am all about raw honesty on my blog, but there is an extent to which I will go.

I adore my girls. We have amazing days. We have bad moments. Even on the hard days I never feel like it is so bad or difficult that the whole day has gone out the window. There is always a redeemable moment, event, or conversation.

Emma's sweet little heart keeps me going. Her amazing mind brings forth these phrases that stop my in my tracks and crack me up. Audrey's smiles and joy for each day keeps me going. That little ball of happiness just never stops.

But they are kids, too. They get fussy, cranky, grumpy, don't do what I want them to do when I want them to do it....

Something I've seen a lot of over my time in the blogging world is some very real posts, tweets, instagram photos, and the like, about how awful so-and-so's child is being and how upset the parent is about it. That is fine, It is fine to be upset, and it is fine for children to have bad moments and bad days.

Step back for a moment and think about posting in length about a child's behavior or bad day. Ten... twenty... thirty years from now, what if that child read that post or saw that photo? What if you were that child seeing a post your parent wrote about how terrible you were? What if you saw that those posts happened a lot? Would you feel embarrassed? Would you feel like your parent didn't like you that much at that age? Would it make you feel bad, seeing your parent complain about you?

Personally, I would feel awful if my girls grew up and read something that showcased all of their flaws and complained about how difficult they were. The wonderful moments so outshine the bad.

I challenge you, when you're writing about your sweet kids, to think hard and step back. Does the post reflect the best of them? Will this potentially hurt them in the future? Could the post make them wonder how much they irritated or bothered you?

Again, it is okay to be raw and open, but using discretion when talking about your children can save them a world of hurt. When Emma is fifteen I don't want her finding a post of mine that talks about how frustrated I am with her and how I wish I wasn't a mom that day (just an example, I've honestly never felt like that yet!).

Next time you post, ask yourself: "Would I want my kids to read this?"

Monday, March 10, 2014

Here We Come...

A cool breeze, palm trees swaying, the smell of salt tickling your nose... 

It's like you're dreaming isn't it?

Actually I just described the beach towns of California. That is where my family and I are headed. Right now! Can you believe it? A whole week in our favorite place. 

Our hometown.

Start getting excited for AWESOME photos when we get back!! 
Is there anything anyone wants? ;)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

My Daughter Has Reflux

Little miss Audrey is four months old! She is a giggler, super smiley (as you can see), and loves to play with Gerry the giraffe and her pink ball!

Shortly after Audrey was born she exhibited signs that she had food allergies very similar to the ones that Emma had as an infant. I had changed my diet to vegan-ism in August of 2012 but when I became pregnant with Audrey in February of 2013 I was nervous about my protein intake so I added cheese and some cured meats back into my diet. I took dairy, egg, and soy protein out of my diet as soon as I noticed the tummy troubles Audrey was having. Those were the allergens that bothered Emma so I was sure my adjusted diet would make everything better! 

Unfortunately that wasn't enough, so I removed gluten and corn as well. Once she hit her one-month birthday I tried putting corn back in due to the fact that I was literally eating beans and rice (among other pure foods) and having a hard time eating well-rounded meals on a busy mom schedule! Corn didn't bother her which was so exciting to see! When Audrey turned two months old I decided to experiment with gluten, and thankfully we didn't see anymore throwing up from that either! Anytime I try dairy or egg, though, it upsets her within a few hours and she gets sick multiple times until it is out of her little body.

At her two month appointment back in January, Audrey's pediatrician heard the reflux noise as she lifted her up from the exam table. Since Audrey showed no pain there wasn't anything to do besides treat her like she has reflux during our daily routine. This meant keeping her upright while nursing, which is quite the acrobatic act. Also, keeping her at an incline right after eating and while sleeping. These aspects all helped the spitting up and we finally relaxed. She is a tummy-sleeper, which is said to help relieve the reflux pain so we already were doing something in the right direction!

Over the past couple of weeks Audrey has had trouble sleeping her normal 2-3 hour nap schedule and wouldn't stay down at night for more than 30 minutes without waking up screaming. This was very scary for me, because I hadn't been eating anything that would bother her and she seemed in significant pain. Thankfully her four month appointment was coming up so I brought her in and told her doctor all about the new symptoms. These difficulties included her screaming while nursing and not being interested in eating, yet being very hungry at the same time. These are signs of reflux, but it didn't make sense to me since it hadn't been bad a couple of months earlier.

Prior to her appointment I did a little research on Dr. Sears' website and found out that GER (Gastroesophageal reflux) often peaks at four months and then levels by seven months or goes away completely. Her pediatrician said her symptoms definitely show that her reflux has turned to the painful kind and prescribed generic liquid Zantac twice a day. Let's just say Audrey is not a fan of the stuff! Even though I am usually all about delaying the introduction of foods for babies, our pediatrician also suggested starting rice cereal to help with the stomach acid. Also considering Audrey's extreme interest in grabbing our food (Already! I know!) she said it wouldn't hurt. Since she is so little I have only given her 1/2 a tablespoon so far, and she is really enjoying it. It's pretty darn cute watching her grab the spoon to shove it in her little mouth!

If you have any questions, advice, or are also experiencing the journey of reflux, please don't hesitate to leave a comment or email me! I'd love to hear from you.