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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

You Asked, I Answered!

Last week I asked you, my readers, to ask me anything you wanted to know! I had seven wonderful questions, and without making you wait another second, here are my answers!


Do you have any weight loss tips? I feel so stuck where I am. 
Honestly it all starts with how you eat. I am usually vegan when I am not pregnant or nursing, but also due to Audrey's allergies I've had severe limitations on what I can eat. No dairy, soy protein, egg, wheat... that makes the pounds drop off right there!
Being active is huge too. I am not into exercise. I love to dance and try to use my Kinect dance games with my Xbox, but usually I just walk everywhere with the girls. We live right behind the main area of town so I can pile the girls in the stroller/front pack and walk to Barnes and Noble, lunch, small shops, etc. Otherwise I will power-walk around the community park behind my house! If you want to know more specific details about any of this advice please email me.

Do you ever feel like you missed out on life before creating your family?  
No, never. It is definitely less convenient to travel or do activities that require a lot of commitment when you have two small children, but no, I don't feel that way at all. When I was four years old I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up and I said "a mommy". As I got older that answer changed to "a wife and a mom". I am very fulfilled where I am at! I will say that I am looking forward to being able to get involved in theater productions soon.

How are you able to afford all of your amazing clothes and shoes? I love your fashion! 
Thank you so much! Usually I buy from ThredUp ... trust me, it's amazing. Brand name clothing at ridiculous prices! I'm talking $4-$8 generally for basic brands like Old Navy and Gap. I love it! My most recent haul was a birthday gift of sorts... Forever 21. I do live next to Target and I am guilty of shopping the 70% off rack every time I am there. I consider anything over $6 in the clothing section expensive. My shoes usually come from Target clearance too. I hope that helps!

What are your greatest strengths? 
I think this is the kind of question you should be answering for me! I honestly don't know. Truly it would probably be being a mother. And I am good at getting things done (except for house cleaning, HA!).... but if I have a to-do list of random responsibilities and homework I will get it done in no time. Also I am a very loyal friend and unless you do something major I will be your friend to the end, no matter the distance.

How many kids are you hoping for?! 
Well, we always said 3 or 4. We were going to have 3 biologically and then adopt a 4th if we felt like we could manage another.

Do you want more kids? :) 
This answer is related to the above question.... honestly I think we might be done at 2 kids! If we have more it will be in the far, far future. I think we are good for now.

Why is it that you decided to have kids before you finished school? Not that I don't respect the decision, I'm just wondering how you made it.We didn't. Funny enough, Emma was a surprise! I was on birth control when we found out we were pregnant with her and Daniel was a senior in college. I actually wasn't attending college until I was about to have Emma. I chose to go to school for personal reasons, but having kids was supposed to start happening this year or next year. After Emma happened we decided we would wait five years to have another so that Daniel was done with his Ph.D...Once we had Emma and she turned a year we decided not to wait five years because we didn't want them that far apart. 


I so enjoyed your questions! If you have any other ones for me leave them in the comments or email me!


  1. I keep reading about thredup but have never bought anything from there. The target clearance racks are the best!!

  2. Thred up is worse for me because I can shop and buy from the app anytime!!