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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What I'm Wearing - Mommy Edition Link-up

This link-up was inspired by the "What I Wore Wednesday" posts that everyone does each week. 

One day I loved my outfit, but I didn't style it completely because I wasn't going anywhere. 

See, I have been making an effort to put on cute outfits as many days as I can each week for myself, but also for my husband. I went out at the end of the year and bought some cute things that made me feel chic and "hip". 

As a mother, it is really hard to do these "What I Wore" posts when I don't go anywhere! I wanted to show off my outfit but I hadn't accessorized, done my hair, or chosen shoes. 

SO, this link-up was born. Each Wednesday the link-up will open and will stay open until the following Tuesday night. That way if you don't post on Wednesday exactly, you still have the rest of the week to link-up with everyone! I know that I have a hard time remembering to post on a certain day, and with kiddos it's almost impossible to predict how your day will go.

Every picture I post will be raw and real. Hair not styled? Who cares! Is your face make-up-less? Mine too! No shoes? No problem!

Let's embrace our mommy-hood and have fun showing how we have pulled ourselves together (or not) that day.


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Today we had to go to the Department of Economic Security and also to ASU with Daniel, and anytime I get to go out on errands with my hubby I always use the opportunity to dress well.
And hey, don't knock my maternity jeans. They were first trimester pants and fit! 

(Yes, I know I'm blinking but you can see my shoes!)
TOP: Gap // JEANS: Old Navy Maternity // SHOES: Merona (Target)
/No makeup/


  1. So cute and you are tiny! I can't wait to be tiny again... ha ha...not sure that will ever happen!

  2. I love your blog