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Monday, February 24, 2014

How To Make Guacamole Last!

Have you ever bought a tray of guacamole and been unable to use it all at once? Maybe you're like me and you're the only one in your house who likes it. Or maybe you needed some for a recipe and you don't want the rest to go to waste! 

That is where my guacamole-saving idea comes into play. I know you'll thank me later. Who likes browned avocado mush in their fridge? Not me! 

When I noticed that most guacamole packages say "freeze for later" I attempted this to preserve it but still had to defrost large amounts to enjoy just a little with my chips. So now when I bring a package home I immediately disperse it into small tupperware containers. I also do this if I want to keep some fresh and freeze the rest, or if I didn't finish a tray and don't want the rest to brown! 

The Rubbermaid brand is great for this because they have the teeny cups perfect for a serving! (This is NOT a sponsored post)

You can then stack them neatly in your freezer door and walk away. 

The next time you have a craving just remove the lid and pop the little container
Into the microwave on "Melt". I usually use the cream cheese or ice cream setting. Otherwise you can just try "Defrost" but I'm microwavably challenged and can never use that function properly.

Have fun and happy munching!

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  1. So smart! I started using ice cube trays for things like herbs I don't use all of (in olive oil) or that can of green chilis or tomato paste I only needed a tablespoon of. So thrifty! Thanks for sharing!