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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Emma's A Sports Maniac!

Emma has officially begun her first class! We enrolled her in Lil Sports Mania and she had her first class today.

She was so excited. 

But she was a tad confused that it was in the dance room. When I asked her last week if she wanted to do dance or sports she promptly chose sports. So telling her we had to go to the dance room instigated a puzzled look.

She was a little unsure at first.

Audrey paid close attention for the first 30 minutes until she passed out in the carrier.

Floor time warm-up. Emma wasn't ready to break out her moves yet ;)

Daddy was there for the first few minutes before he headed off to an appointment. He helped Emma with ball hockey!

We also learned golf, basketball, and played with a parachute! 

And at the end of class our proud girl got something very special...



  1. I need to see if there's anything like this around here, most of the classes I've found don't start til 3 or 4. She's too cute!

  2. I swear that wasn't there the last time I looked! Thank you!

  3. ok this is serioulsy the cutest thing EVER! sweet Emma! i love it.

  4. this is very cute posting !!! love it .. :)