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Sunday, February 2, 2014

An Ache I Must Share

I am taking a "Intro to Writing Poetry" class this semester and this week was the first week we had to submit our poems for critique. I am extremely insecure about writing poetry and fiction comes easier. Regardless of that I thought I should push myself to share it with you all to help me get over my fear of the impending critiques this coming week. Even though poetry is meant to often be vague, my professor had specific instructions for this one, and it is about my father.

The brown, dusty dirt street is littered with his footprints,
I didn’t know it would be the last time mine would join his.
Sweet scents fill my nostrils as we walk into the shop by the fort,
my eyes drawn to the colorful treats in the jars.
I am unaware of these special moments,
they pass quickly and I cannot keep up.
He hands me the black jelly beans from his calloused hands,
their bitter taste in my mouth reflects what will transpire.
I will never come back to Old Town,
filled with its wooden beams and paned windows.
As we walk along San Diego Avenue his figure begins to fade,
cancer comes like a tornado and he’s taken from me.
I am left with black jelly beans in my hand,
bittersweet remnants of regret.

Thank you for reading it and I hope it wasn't too painful! It is incredibly emotional for me to use this topic but I needed something deep and difficult for the assignment. Poetry really brings out the ache in one's soul, which is a reality I wish I had known before choosing to write about my dad. It's easier to rationalize your emotions when writing stories because you have no limits on how much you share.


  1. This was incredibly brave of you to share. Nothing hurts so much as the ache we are left with missing our dads. It was painful to read, and I could feel the love you have for him while I read it.

  2. crying! Wow!!! I think you nailed the poetry section.