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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

20 Questions with Emma Jane - 2 Years

This idea came from Kayla Aimee and I just couldn't help myself! What a fun way to document your child's responses over the years!

Emma Jane

2 years old

33 3/4 inches tall

26.4 pounds

Favorite thing right now: Sophie or her little Disney "friends" (Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Pooh friends..)

1) What is something that Mommy says to you? "Yes, sure"

2) What makes you happy? Cow makes me happy!

3) What makes you sad? Cows make me sad.

4) What makes you laugh? Cows make me laugh! Hehehehe (see a trend here?)

5) How old are you? Twoooo!

6) How old is Mommy? You're in two minutes!

7) How old is Daddy? He's in two minutes!

8) What is your favorite thing to do? Something for my toys. It's a birthday for my toys!

9) Who is your best friend? Daddy is my best friend!

10) What are you really good at doing? Cars! I be good with my toys.

11) What did you do today? Paint today! Tewetope (telescope)! I pay with my friends and you and my tewetope! Remember I painted?

12) What is your favorite food? This is a grape, right here. This is yours, this is mine.

13) What is your favorite song? *said in a whisper* Ay-ul-vise is my favorite (Edelweiss).

14) What is your favorite color Pink's my favorite cowor!

15) What is your favorite animal? Dogs my favorite animal!

16) What did you dream about? About.... Puppies! He's nice. He looking everywhere!

17) What is your favorite toy? People make me toys. Pom poms my favorite toy!

18) What is your favorite fruit? Buebewwies my favorite! Pease I eat dem all? Have a picnic outside!

19) What is your favorite book? This makes me happy! *holds up a random book that's close by*

20) What is your favorite thing to do outside? *sticks tongue out* Doze what I do outside! *points to rocks*

And there was a little peek into Emma's brain. It's a busy one, that's for sure!


  1. Too dang cute! Totally going to try this with Bean (and I say try because who knows if it will work)

  2. Haha, loved those answers, especially when she says she is good at playing with her toys. :) I used to work in a toddler room and miss laughing over the funny things that kids say in their very early years! Stopping by from the Collective Hop!