Potty-Training ~ Day One | Being Jane

Friday, January 31, 2014

Potty-Training ~ Day One

Emma has officially begun potty-training! YAY!

We have had a potty chair since she was 18 months old because she started asking to go when D or I used the bathroom. She is very familiar with the entire concept but has been saying "no thank you" when we ask if she would like to try to go. 

Yesterday she was telling me exactly how the process worked, and I had decided I was done changing icky toddler poppy diapers! Today we were at Target and we made a stop by the toddler underwear section. I started pointing out all of the princess, Tinkerbell, and Doc McStuffins underwear and said she could pick whichever she wanted. She then leaned forward and exclaimed "JAKE AND PIRATES!!"

I looked behind me and sure enough, the boys section had Jake and the Neverland Pirates underwear. I said "Emma, those are for boys honey. Wouldn't you like some princess undies?"

She said no. She wanted Jake. 

So we got Jake :)

We have had 2 successful potty-times followed by a jelly bean!

2 accidents and 1 horrified toddler. 
But we are working on understanding that accidents are okay and they happen! 
Poor girl gets traumatized.

Wish us luck!


  1. I've promised Quinn Perry the Platypus undies once she wants to try the potty. Still a no.

    1. And after I leave that comment she decided she wanted Jake undies, so I told her she had to try and go on the potty. Well, she did. Thanks for the push, haha!

    2. She tried, didn't go.
      I'm gonna stop leaving comments now.

  2. How old is she now? Emmerson will be 1 in march and a goal of mine for this year is to introduce potty training at some point. Jelly beans sound like the perfect bribe!

  3. She has the cutest little face! I don't know how you could ever be mad at this face.... I foresee problems with discipline if that face was my daughter! xo