Saturday, January 18, 2014


     This has been an amazing, fun year! I started blogging because I was lonely, honestly. I was in the middle of starting an Etsy business and I got involved with some social media outlets and noticed a lot of people also blogged. The idea of building a community of friends like me got me so excited I couldn't wait to get going! I was very impatient and wanted everything to flourish right away. 

     My first blogging name was the name of my business, "Top This by Leanne". That name gained a lot of followers and I had a wonderful time interacting with all of you! I got so sick with my pregnancy in 2013 that I took a break until I could focus on my blog more. When I came back after a couple of months I had decided not to continue my crocheting business because I just didn't have the time. Between school, work, motherhood, wifeyhood, and being a human being, there wasn't time to work on lengthy projects. I could barely write a blog post! I then decided that since my business was no longer, I should change my blog name so that it had a meaning. I went with "Sock Monkey Momma". Initially I adored it and thought it encompassed everything I was and wrote about. 

     As time went on I realized it didn't have the class that I wanted to emanate from my blog. It didn't sound versatile enough to last me years and years, and to reach a variety of people like I intended to. Yes, I am a mother, but I hope to be even more than that in my daily life and blog voice. 

     Hence, "Being Jane" was born. I think I am happy now! I have a huge passion for Jane Austen novels/films and thoroughly enjoy any book or movie from that time period. I mean, my girls are named Emma Jane and Audrey Elizabeth. Just last week I noticed that their middle names are the two eldest daughters in Pride and Prejudice, and they have their coloring! This was done partially on purpose, but I didn't have any control over their coloring ;)

I hope you'll take a moment to look back on some of my favorite posts from this year!

Now please celebrate with me and enter my "One Year Blogoversary" giveaway below!

     I am SO excited to be able to team up with some great bloggy friends and bring the opportunity to win a $50 Starbucks gift card!! I mean, you can NEVER have too much Starbucks. Good luck!

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  1. excitedddddd for this giveaway pretty mama! i will be sending ppl your way tomorrow via my blog! woop woop!

  2. I'm a new reader, but congrats on making it a year!

  3. congrats Leanne!!