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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Engaged After Five Days!

It all started on March 27, 2008.....

Leanne was a new server training at Applebees when she met Daniel, who had been working there for 2 months. The two had encountered each other several times in the workplace, but had never struck up a conversation. While standing around by the server's station that evening, Leanne heard Daniel mention something about living in San Diego. They started talking and found out they had both attended the same churches out there, and been homeschooled growing up.

Then, while filling the sugar caddies in their stations, Daniel asked Leanne if she wanted to come over to his place that night and watch a movie with his roommate and his roommate’s girlfriend. Leanne said "Sure", not quite knowing what to expect... was he interested in her? She just wasn't sure.

After work the group drove to Blockbuster and rented "Accepted". They drove to Daniel's apartment, and the minute the door opened Leanne looked around, and observing the spotless living room said, "What can I touch?” Daniel then gave a tour, and Leanne was awestruck by the number of black and white photos of old movies stars that he had. He had the same taste as her! Leanne then took to perusing his 'video store' of movies, and found he had "RENT". Needless to say, they watched that instead. The minute they sat on that black leather couch, there was a driving force that pulled them together. Daniel put his arm around Leanne, and she settled in. In Daniel's words, "It just was right."

The next day (Friday) at work Leanne wasn't sure how serious Daniel was about what happened the night before. For all she knew she was just 'another girl' in his life. So she proceeded to be casual during the shift, and not come across too forward. Well, let's just say that curiosity got the best of her. She approached Daniel on his way back to the kitchen and said, "So, about last night... was that just a... thing? Cause I don't want it to be a thing... I mean *mindless jabber*.....” Daniel said "come here", and took her to the walk-in freezer in the back. And kissed her.
There was her answer!

That night Leanne got cut from the floor early. She got a text from Daniel later that said that his roommate had just been arrested. Daniel was in a confused state of panic. He had trusted him and he had been lied to, and left without a rent payment.
Leanne had just enough money in her account for the other half of the rent. On Sunday she coerced Daniel into letting her move in, saying that it was just perfect. And that Monday she did.

On April 1, 2008, Leanne and Daniel were sitting on the couch talking about dreams, futures, and goals. The conversation took a turn to where they were going in their relationship.... what they wanted out of it.... and before they knew it 2 hours had gone by, and Daniel said, "Did we just get engaged?!", and Leanne said, "I think we did!"

The very next week Leanne was kept out all day long by her friend Kara. They got their nails done, went to lunch, and did some dress shopping. Towards the end of the day Leanne was very tired and antsy. She wanted to go home! But Kara talked her into going to dinner. The entire time Leanne was texting Daniel telling him how annoyed she was and how badly she wanted to leave. FINALLY Kara said it was time to go, and she drove Leanne home.

She opened the door to the apartment, and was taken completely by surprise. Daniel was on one knee at the door, with a ring in his hand. Friends and family were gathered around the living room, all watching. Leanne had no idea that she had been purposely kept out of the house all day so that Daniel could plan the surprise!

And of course, she said yes.


  1. Aww that's so incredibly sweet! It must be such a fun story to tell people when they ask how you met :)

  2. Wow, I had no idea it was that fast! I guess when you know, you really know. SO happy for you :)

  3. Holy cow! This so romantic and exciting!! PS. I met my hubby at a restaurant too ;)