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Friday, December 6, 2013

You Mean To Say You Don't Like Me?

Do you log on to your JustUnfollow account and see that someone unfollowed you that you really like?

Does it hurt you a little bit? It hurts me. 

Let's be honest here. 

It stings when someone you enjoy talking to and reading about doesn't seem to feel the same way about you. Especially in this blogging community where ALL WE WANT IT TO BE LIKED! (Haha, just messing)

But truly, who doesn't want to be liked? 

I understand that people may not always enjoy me as much as I enjoy them, but sometimes it feels good to talk about the what hurts. Even if it's a little petty.

Love & Joy,



  1. I think I'd rather someone unfollow me than just get annoyed every time I popped up on their feed.

  2. I get this. I try not to let the online community affect me as much...when it comes to unfollowing me. It can sting a bit though!