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Friday, November 8, 2013

Awesome Apps for Toddlers!

Thank you so much Leanne for letting me post while you're (hopefully) having your little bambina! I wish you well!

My name is Breenah and I blog at By Breenah. My daughter, who is two, knows how to use the iPad. Sometimes this fact embarrasses me (obviously not too much otherwise I wouldn't be sharing), but most of the time I don't worry about it. She's growing up in an age where she's going to absolutely need to know how to use electronics. My sister-in-law just started high school and every student is given a tablet to use. The backaches I got from lugging around English, math, and history books on the same day are terribly jealous.

The best thing about electronics becoming more and more available is that there are plenty of educational apps to go along with them. I appreciate educational apps because, while there are many things I can teach Quinn before she gets to school, I can't teach her everything. I'd say the apps are more of a supplement and sometimes they're fun to play with her.

(Just as an fyi: none of these are affiliate links nor sponsored. We also have the lite version of most because I'm cheap when it comes to paying for apps.)

Giraffe's Matching Zoo (free)

This is a memory card game with animals. When you flip the card the animal sound is made. Some of the sounds are weird and don't quite sound like the animal, but it's fun nonetheless. The game also times you so you can try and beat your old score.

Cute Baby Flash Cards ($1.99) (lite version, free)

The lite version comes with animal flash cards in English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Greek. If you purchase the extended version it adds different categories such as things and people. As you go through the flashcards the app says the word aloud and if you click on the animal it makes the sound. It's a cute little app and definitely helps me come up with animals when singing Old MacDonald.

Adding this just now I realized where Special Agent Oso gets his name.
My First Steps Preschool Early Learning Alphabet Animals ($0.99)

This is a great app because it has learning, playing, and quiz modes. It uses real pictures as opposed to cartoons, if you have a preference. I love this especially because Quinn is only two and can't read, but she's started to differentiate letters and I think this app is really helping her out.

My Shape Box (free)

It's a pretty literal app. There's a box, you drag shapes into it. It has letters, numbers, shapes, and some outdoor shapes. It's simple, but effective.

Of course, you also have to have some fun apps. I think that's a rule.

Color Drops (free)

This is a pretty cool coloring app. It plays music as you draw and says the name of each color when you choose it. It also has a rainbow option that changes colors while you draw and I'm obviously more intrigued with this than I should be at 24 years old. This one is free, but you can purchase coloring pages.

Herd Absurd ($2.99, but I got it during a free weekend)

Did you ever make those flip books as a kid where the head, body, and feet were all different? This is the electronic version of that. Plus when you click on different parts of the animals they make silly noises and do silly things. It's adorable.

Pretty sure I'd be terrified to meet a hedgehog/cow/beaver hybrid.
Netflix (free, but you need a subscription to use) and Hulu Plus (free, but you need a subscription to use)

I'm sure you all know the benefits of Hulu and Netflix by now, so I won't go into that. The thing I love the best about Hulu is that there's a child lock so you can keep it in kid mode. The thing I like least is that there's no way to lock out Spongebob (I really don't like him). Netflix has the new profiles and you can keep certain profiles in kid mode too. Granted, there are still some age-inappropriate things in the kid sections, so keep an eye if you're letting your toddler use it.

PBS Kids (free)

This has pretty much all the PBS shows and is a good alternative if you're worried about your kiddo opening up random shows in Netflix or Hulu.

Disney Jr (free)

I prefer Disney shows over Nickelodeon (even Nick Jr shows) by a LOT, so I'm not sure if Nickelodeon or Nick Jr have apps. The Disney Jr app lets you watch a few shows without signing in, but you can get to a whole lot more if you have cable and sign in with your username and password. Quinn's current favorite is Sophia the First, but she also loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (did you know in the Danish version they say yippee instead of hot dog?), and Henry Hugglemonster.

Obviously there's a WHOLE lot more apps available, educational and otherwise, but these are the ones we use a lot and I hope you enjoy them as well!

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