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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Who Are We?

Isn't it sad how quick we are to judge others? Usually this judgement is based on one small thing we observe that immediately makes us view them a certain way. We may put them in a category, feel they are beneath us, better than us, not worth our time, or even think of them as "dumb idiots".

I know I am guilty of this. Just last month I was eagerly watching the reveal of "Dancing with the Stars" Season 17 contestants on "Good Morning America". As each new contender walked out I would comment on my excitement or distaste to my husband, based on my knowledge of said celebrity.

As I watched Brant Daugherty from "Pretty Little Liars" emerge from the wings, I immediately decided what I thought of him. I have never watched his tv show, and until that moment I had never heard of him.
Looking at his chiseled jaw, piercing eyes, perfect teeth, perfect smile, and impeccable clothing style, I turned to my husband and said "Oh great, a pretty boy."

I had already deduced, just by looking at him, that he was stupid, annoying, and only known for his looks. When he opened his mouth to answer the first question directed at him I just rolled my eyes at his smooth answer.

Fast forward four weeks, and he is now one of my top favorite contestants in the competition. His personality, dancing capabilities, and connection with Peta are so fun to watch and I find myself looking forward to his routines each week and ... wait-for-it ... voting for him! 
Now, I don't know him any better than I did when I made my initial judgment, but I was setting out to hate him and whatever moves he managed to bust out on the dance floor (this was only magnified by his comment on the season premiere episode saying he couldn't dance at all.... Obviously he was severely mistaken!). 

So judge not, lest ye be enticed to drool over said person's face and dance moves week after week ;)

Truly though, the real lesson for myself here is that I am quick to judge others based on something minuscule, and that is just plain wrong.  But I really am enjoying this season in spite of my initial casting reactions. 

Are you quick to judge others based on something small? 

Do you watch DWTS? :-P

Love & Joy,


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  1. I've not watched it since the first few seasons. Actually, we are going through a "no tech" period at our house. We don't have cable or internet. Yikes!