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Thursday, October 10, 2013


This is one of those posts that doesn't have a photo to go with it. I don't know of a photo that describes the life change we experienced this week.

I lost my source of income this week. Many of you know that I started my own home care early this summer and was able to "stay home" with Emma while caring for children. I have only had one family in my care so far, and as of Tuesday morning, I have none.

This came three weeks earlier than I was going to take maternity leave, leaving us without funds that we were counting on. I was our main income, due to the hubby's Master's journey and hours at work right now. 

Today I sat at the Department of Economic Security for 3 hours, waiting my turn and then being interviewed for eligibility for aid/assistance. We were approved, and that was a huge relief, but a very emotional experience. I felt myself fighting tears while answering questions about our situation and financial status. My husband works so hard for our family, has open availability, is working towards his masters, and is dealing with some personal issues that are turning his world upside down. Now my income is gone and I am about to pop with our second child and be unable to get work for a few weeks.

We are trusting God to provide and praying that nothing falls behind during this time. It is scary to be so vulnerable and to be at the mercy of others without the ability to have full control over what happens.

We ask for your prayer. If you have any ideas on ways to make money send them my way! I can't get a job yet, but I'm looking for small jobs I might be able to do in the meantime. Thank you for reading.

Love & Joy,


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