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Saturday, October 26, 2013

I'm Not So Sure I Like Blogging...

Let me clarify.

I like writing blog posts and sharing aspects of my life with people who care and enjoy reading along. I like making friends in the blog world, big and small, and interacting via various platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

I'm not so sure I like the pressure to gain momentum. Since I took my break this summer I have felt like I haven't fully been able to get back in the loop. I feel like a beginner "newbie" all over again. My rhythm is off. I don't have the readership I had. And to be honest, it was A LOT of work building up that readership before. I mean, giveaways, blog hops, twitter conversations and follows... And I'm not so sure all of that work sounds appealing this time. 

It is appealing when you're brand new and wanting to get your brand out there. But then I changed my name when I came back. Was that a bad idea?

My husband urged me to come back when I felt I missed blogging, because he said it was my "thing". In other words, it is my little hobby that makes me happy, is only for me, and is whatever I want it to be. Kind of a creative space. 

I guess I'm just lonely in the blogging world right now. I apologize for my emotion dump, thanks for reading along.



"I'm alone in the universe, so alone in the universe.."

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