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Sunday, September 15, 2013

What's in a Blog Name? {Help!}

So I've seen a couple of bloggers post about how their blog name needs shaping up, for one reason or another. Mostly because their name is not relevant to their blog or life anymore. I am not one to do something because "everyone is doing it", but I realized that my blog name no longer applies!

I came up with the name "Top This" by Leanne for my crocheting/crafting business on Etsy. I no longer am doing said business, therefore my name does not represent me or my blog.

Any suggestions for what it could be instead? I have no guarantees who/what will be chosen in the end, but I would LOVE your help in re-naming my blog to better reflect me and it's contents. Currently, it doesn't really give a reader any idea what on earth I am about, and honestly "top this" sounds cocky out of context!

I am a God-loving, vegan, attachment parenting, mom/wife/student who loves theater, friends, cupcakes, and reading.

I am awaiting your ideas! Ready, go!

Love & Joy,



  1. Life by Leanne
    Life As I See It
    Our Journey Through Life
    Haha I am so sorry. Not the best picks

  2. Can't you keep top this? Like top this life kind of thing? You are always posting about awesome things so top this just might be appropriate. :-)

  3. Made with Love
    Love, Leanne
    Made with/by Leanne
    Life with Leanne
    This/A/Leanne's Lovely Life
    Oh So Leanne
    A Homemade Life
    Everyday Lessons/Learning

    I'll keep thinking ;)

  4. I think you should keep your title so everyone will remember whose blog it is! I think Top This can be relevant to anything (not just crocheting, even though that's how the name was inspired)

  5. First off, yay for finding another vegan (and reader) on the web! :) I would say to just go with what makes your heart tick a bit faster, makes you smile and just generally represents you.