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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Two's Company

As my due date nears, I am starting to feel like I may be an inadequate mother of two.

Emma Jane is my world and lately I have been so tired that I haven't been as active or fun. Combine the idea of new-mom exhaustion and the need to spread myself between two sweet girls, take care of the home, be a wife, be a friend/daughter/sister, and also continue to do school (and work once maternity leave ends)... That right there is enough to make any woman doubt her abilities to function at the level she will need to!

I know that I will be so overwhelmed with love for my girls that that will be fuel enough, but once the daily grind ensues... I get nervous thinking about it! I want to pour into my little ones, give them fun experiences, have the energy to do activities with them, to spend time on the floor with Audrey during tummy time talking about what she sees, to be able to interact with Emma in the way she needs and to allow her to do the crafts and projects she asks for like we do now.

These fears of mine I know are completely normal, and I know that it all will become my new reality just like the one I am in now, and I will forget what it was like not to have Audrey around.

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers! Audrey will be here in 8.5 weeks or less and I cannot wait to see her sweet little self in my arms.


  1. I think you will do wonderful as a mother of multiples. The fact that you are self aware and know what your desires are is huge. Emma will adapt and want to be on the floor with Audrey doing tummy time and you will have to let some things slide, but I have full faith that you will figure out the family groove.

    I applaud you for all that you are doing and all of the goals that you are setting and achieving. You are inspirational.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Is this ^ a joke? What a completely rude person. Someone needs an attitude check. Some blogs are meant to express your feelings and thoughts, which is what Leanne is doing. If you don't have anything nice or encouraging to say, keep your thoughts to yourself.

      Leanne, you are a wonderful mother. Everyone knows that Emma (and your new little one) are your pride and joy, and you would do anything to be a great mom. So let this person's opinion roll off your back. They are the one with issues...not you. I applaud your honesty and concerns. From what I hear, all second time moms deal with feeling of inadequecy usually before the 2nd child arrives. You will be a great mom even with 2 kids!

    2. Rayvenslair2: This is a personal blog about my life. Most blogs that I follow are set-up the same way. I am sorry if you feel this subject is not blog-worthy but it is appropriate for the style of blog I have.

      Elizabeth: Thank you :)

  3. You will be a wonderful mother of two and whatever comes! In Sheryl Sandberg's book Lean In she says to be sure that when you go back to work that you don't compare yourself as a mother to 100% stay at home moms and yourself as a professional to 100% committed to work women... just know you are the best you that anyone can be, and all will be GREAT! hugs.

  4. i felt this way, too! I think all moms do at some point. But-- take heart. The Lord will see you through this AND give you the grace you need to do it well.