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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Things Are Hard in the Blogging World

It is really hard to take a blogging break. At the time (May/June) I was worried about losing all of my lovely friends and readers and having to start from scratch whenever I knew it was good for me to resume my blogging habit. Let me just say, that worry was real and coming back 2.5-3 months later has shown me that the momentum severely wanes. I still have followers, I still have "friends", but getting back into the groove of blogging, tweeting, having posts to post, and communicating with others is a fine tuned art that I didn't realize I had been perfecting over the months!

I love ALL of you and I am so happy you are still around. Thank you for welcoming me back. Making a big name and look change was scary but I knew my initial name would only mean something to those who knew me initially, but now that I closed my shop I couldn't clarify how that name would work into my blogging personality. Sock Monkey Momma is a reflection of me, and my life. For our five year anniversary Daniel gave me a cute card with the progression of dating on the front depicted by sock monkeys. The card was so us that I began to identify with those cute sock monkey people. Therefore: Sock Monkey Momma!

I know nothing interesting is going on in this photo of Emma, but I just can't resist her jammies and little toes! I LOVE her toes. And her feet. Ask my husband, I am always zooming in on her feet peeking out of her blanket on her video monitor at night, HA!
But seriously, those jammies are 24 months. She isn't even two until November 9th.. and Audrey has a pair of those jammies to match. Emma is already wearing 2T in regards to length! Just like her Momma...

**Photos of my girls have been removed to protect their digital footprint**
Audrey's due date is 39 days away, BUT full-term (38 wks) is only 25 days away. I'm aiming for that!

I curled up on the couch with Emma and the other kids I take care of, while watching Sesame Street. This is a trend as of late, since my ankles, feet, legs, and belly always hurt. At least I can call this quality time? 

Love & Joy,



  1. The blogging world can be so fickle! I adore my loyal little following and I would choose them over a five digit following any day :)
    Welcome back!

  2. Awe. So cute. Welcome back to blogging. I totally understand where you are coming from. I took a break a little bit ago and I can't believe the work I had put into my blog, sigh.

    mysocalledchaos sent me.

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