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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Successes & Struggles

This is the beginning of a new weekly series on Thursday's called "Successes & Struggles"! It gives you a chance to talk about what you're struggling with right now and gain support and encouragement from all of us! The flip side is, you have to tell about some things that you are succeeding at right now. It will make you look closely at your life and hopefully make you feel good about yourself!


- at the moment I am struggling with a toddler who does not want to go to sleep alone, yet I have a million things to do, such as homework/cleaning house/sleeping/showering/eating...

- the amount of homework that I have to do each week not lining up with the amount of time I have to actually get it done.

- extreme bodily discomfort in this last trimester of pregnancy. I don't know how I am going to make it 8 more weeks feeling this way!

- the fact that cleaning house/doing laundry/cooking meals takes effort that my pregnant body does not want to give.

- being lonely and yearning for a friend that I can call on or chat with, even go to coffee with.


- finding out, during my first semester of college math, that I am actually good at it.

- realizing that choosing Nutrition/Dietetics as my major was the right choice because I enjoy even the "dirty work" of this class immensely.

- hearing the things my daughter knows come out of her little mouth, and seeing how much she has grown each day, which brings a huge swell of pride to my soul.

- making the last few purchases for Audrey this week and knowing I can relax until she comes.

- knowing that next Friday my husband and I will have hit 5 years married!

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  1. I like this post! A great idea!

    You sure have a lot on your plate... a toddler + pregnant is a lot, plus everything else! Sometimes I can't even deal with being pregnant and taking care of toddlers! ;)

  2. Love this link up idea and YAY for your successes! LOVE your major! That would be a fun field! Thanks for linkin up to Sunday FUNday!