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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rambling Sporatic Thoughts

Here is a little list of the things running through my head. I am going to spew them all out at once!

- Sometimes I am really good at math. That surprises me.

- How can a child constantly run in the apartment all day? It sounds like a herd of rhinos over my head. Conveniently at naptime and bedtime each day.

- I need to pack my hospital bag. I have a feeling I am going to keep saying "I need to" and then I am going to go into labor and won't have anything put together!

- I need to find a housekeeper.

- I have finally made one friend here in AZ that I regularly see and hang out with, and I am worried I will scare her away like the rest!

- Should I plan a birthday party for Emma's 2nd birthday before Audrey comes or after?

- What should Daniel do on our date night next week that will let us spend quality time together?

- I really wish my hair would grow faster.

- Please pray that my iron levels (specifically my platelets) go back up to a normal range soon, or I won't be able to get an epidural, which is FREAKING ME OUT.

Thanks for listening to me ramble. If you have any thoughts on these I am sure my brain would thank you!

Love & Joy,


1 comment:

  1. I think you should have a nice, quiet, romantic dinner.
    Birthday party before, just to be on the safe side with new baby getting sick with a bunch of kiddos around. But don't make it anything crazy since you're pregnant.
    I'll be praying for your iron, for sure! And for your friendship to thrive :)