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Monday, September 9, 2013

A Rainy, Surprise-filled Weekend

     Yesterday I woke up to gray skies and soon a torrential downpour began! Living in this "fall" 100+ degree weather made me welcome this monsoon with open arms. Granted, it was still 98* outside when it started pouring down, but from inside my house I could pretend it was freezing out there!

      This morning I woke up to the same weather and I am SO happy.

     So on Friday I was going about my daily routine with the kids and I heard a knock at my front door. I assumed it was a textbook delivery and didn't blink an eyelash. As I opened the door I saw no one outside and nothing on my doorstep. I looked around and plastered against the wall was my best friend! She had driven all night from San Diego to come visit me for the whole weekend! I can't tell you how much I needed that. It was such a wonderful time!

     She bought and made lunch and dinner on Friday. She cleaned my kitchen, the playroom, and living room. She did all of my dishes every day that she was here AND put them away with Emma's help. On Saturday we went to lunch and shopped at the mall for Audrey's last minute clothing needs and she helped us out immensely by outfitting her through 3 months old! 

**Photos of my girls have been removed to protect their digital footprint**

     Yesterday we went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel and got pedicures (mine are adorable by the way), and this post is proof that we didn't take enough pictures!

     How was your weekend? Did anything surprise you or make it better than you expected?


  1. I just love this! You and Becca are the cutest and what a fun way for her to bless you and your family!

  2. You have a good friend there! She sounds like a keeper ;)