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Saturday, September 28, 2013

My Favorite Blogs to Read! Are you on the list?

Bloglovin' has this really cool feature where you can organize the blogs you follow into groups! I have a group for bloggers who live in AZ, and I have a group for my "Favorite Blogs" that I make sure to read every day.

I am trying to get better at commenting EVERY time I read something, but life and toddlers get in the way of that sometimes and I don't always get to. I am  working on it though ;)

If you aren't on this list, it doesn't mean I don't love your blog.. or maybe I don't know about it yet! Maybe we've lost touch since I took a break this summer. If so, comment and leave me your link so I can come visit!

You can follow them all via these links on Bloglovin' if you aren't already. They are some AMAZING ladies!

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Love & Joy, 


Friday, September 27, 2013

Calling All Toddler-Mommas!

We have been having some sleep trouble with Emma lately and that has prompted me to poll YOU, yes YOU, on your child's sleep schedule! I would love as many contributions to this as possible so please pass it on to anyone you know!

If you have a toddler between 1 and 3 years of age, this is for you.

How old is your child?
What time do they wake up in the morning?
What time do they take their nap?
What time do they go to bed at night?
Do they sleep all night in their bed?

I look forward to hearing about your little one, and maybe you will be able to help us with our situation with our little one!

Love & Joy,


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Things Are Hard in the Blogging World

It is really hard to take a blogging break. At the time (May/June) I was worried about losing all of my lovely friends and readers and having to start from scratch whenever I knew it was good for me to resume my blogging habit. Let me just say, that worry was real and coming back 2.5-3 months later has shown me that the momentum severely wanes. I still have followers, I still have "friends", but getting back into the groove of blogging, tweeting, having posts to post, and communicating with others is a fine tuned art that I didn't realize I had been perfecting over the months!

I love ALL of you and I am so happy you are still around. Thank you for welcoming me back. Making a big name and look change was scary but I knew my initial name would only mean something to those who knew me initially, but now that I closed my shop I couldn't clarify how that name would work into my blogging personality. Sock Monkey Momma is a reflection of me, and my life. For our five year anniversary Daniel gave me a cute card with the progression of dating on the front depicted by sock monkeys. The card was so us that I began to identify with those cute sock monkey people. Therefore: Sock Monkey Momma!

I know nothing interesting is going on in this photo of Emma, but I just can't resist her jammies and little toes! I LOVE her toes. And her feet. Ask my husband, I am always zooming in on her feet peeking out of her blanket on her video monitor at night, HA!
But seriously, those jammies are 24 months. She isn't even two until November 9th.. and Audrey has a pair of those jammies to match. Emma is already wearing 2T in regards to length! Just like her Momma...

**Photos of my girls have been removed to protect their digital footprint**
Audrey's due date is 39 days away, BUT full-term (38 wks) is only 25 days away. I'm aiming for that!

I curled up on the couch with Emma and the other kids I take care of, while watching Sesame Street. This is a trend as of late, since my ankles, feet, legs, and belly always hurt. At least I can call this quality time? 

Love & Joy,


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rambling Sporatic Thoughts

Here is a little list of the things running through my head. I am going to spew them all out at once!

- Sometimes I am really good at math. That surprises me.

- How can a child constantly run in the apartment all day? It sounds like a herd of rhinos over my head. Conveniently at naptime and bedtime each day.

- I need to pack my hospital bag. I have a feeling I am going to keep saying "I need to" and then I am going to go into labor and won't have anything put together!

- I need to find a housekeeper.

- I have finally made one friend here in AZ that I regularly see and hang out with, and I am worried I will scare her away like the rest!

- Should I plan a birthday party for Emma's 2nd birthday before Audrey comes or after?

- What should Daniel do on our date night next week that will let us spend quality time together?

- I really wish my hair would grow faster.

- Please pray that my iron levels (specifically my platelets) go back up to a normal range soon, or I won't be able to get an epidural, which is FREAKING ME OUT.

Thanks for listening to me ramble. If you have any thoughts on these I am sure my brain would thank you!

Love & Joy,


Thursday, September 19, 2013


For the past two weeks I have been dealing with extreme mommy-guilt. Being 33 weeks pregnant, I am getting so uncomfortable... well, I have been uncomfortable since about 28 weeks to be honest. My body didn't plump up as much as it did when I was pregnant with Emma and so everything feels very tight, heavy, and Audrey likes to stretch and push on me a lot.

Anywho, back to the guilt train. Emma is so active and smart (I think I say that out of being a biased parent but having worked in the child development field for so long I am pretty sure she is smart, ha) that I feel terrible having zero energy, zero strength, and zero stamina. Like today for instance, every time I stand up Braxton Hick's contractions happen. I didn't have any of that with Emma's pregnancy, and I even had a bout of real contractions two weeks ago that freaked me out. Apparently they were non-labor contractions but still, no mom wants to experience those early.

I have deemed today "movie day" but I am sure my guilt will push me to crawl to the playroom and set her up with some craft or art project.

I have 30 days left until I am considered "full-term" at 38 weeks, and 44 days until Audrey's due date. I just don't see me making it until 40 weeks, and I am hoping she comes at 38 weeks (or the latter part of 37 weeks!) My guilt as a mom of a toddler is only going to become more pronounced as I feel heavier and more uncomfortable. Poor Bean.

Did you feel this way with your second/third? What did you do to make it through? Did you make it to your due date?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A New Name & A New Look!

I am SO excited to debut my new blog name and design! I feel like this reflects me more than anything else.

The story behind the name...

                 So Daniel (my husband) gave me the cutest card for our five year anniversary last week that showed a sock monkey couple going through the timeline of dating/engagement. The card was so us, and SO cute, that I couldn't get the sock monkeys out of my head. Hence, "Sock Monkey Momma". If you look on my header you'll see two little girl "beans". These are my girls, Emma and Audrey! We have always called Emma "Emmabean" because when she was born she was just such a little bean, so I thought it was only appropriate to include my little ones on my blog since I write about them all the time.

I hope you like the look and that you can embrace the name change! Thank you to those who suggested new names for me to think about. It really got my creative juices flowing!

Love & Joy,


Sunday, September 15, 2013

What's in a Blog Name? {Help!}

So I've seen a couple of bloggers post about how their blog name needs shaping up, for one reason or another. Mostly because their name is not relevant to their blog or life anymore. I am not one to do something because "everyone is doing it", but I realized that my blog name no longer applies!

I came up with the name "Top This" by Leanne for my crocheting/crafting business on Etsy. I no longer am doing said business, therefore my name does not represent me or my blog.

Any suggestions for what it could be instead? I have no guarantees who/what will be chosen in the end, but I would LOVE your help in re-naming my blog to better reflect me and it's contents. Currently, it doesn't really give a reader any idea what on earth I am about, and honestly "top this" sounds cocky out of context!

I am a God-loving, vegan, attachment parenting, mom/wife/student who loves theater, friends, cupcakes, and reading.

I am awaiting your ideas! Ready, go!

Love & Joy,


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Update On Newborn Nephew!

Thank you all so much for your prayers. I am thrilled to let you know that little Ricky's MRI results came back completely clear!! He goes home today.

God is so wonderful. His parents are SO relieved and ready to start their lives with him. Thank you again!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Five Years With My Love

Five years ago today Daniel and I stood with our feet in the sand and exchanged our vows. This has been the longest five years of my life and I am grateful for that because I feel that each moment we have experienced has been engrained into my memory. I don't feel like "time has flown" and the "days are gone". I honestly feel like we should be celebrating ten years by now with all that we have gone through and accomplished!

Five years ago today...


Four years ago...

Three years ago...

Two years ago...

One year ago...

And today...

As of November we will have 2 little girls. Last year he graduated with his B.A. in English and is now in the thick of his Master's in Rhetoric and Composition. I am working towards my B.A. in Dietetics. It's a very fun time for us, albiet busy, but we wouldn't change a thing.

Love & Joy,


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Prayers Fervently Needed for my Newborn Nephew in the NICU

I am not usually one to share a lot of information about someone else's situation without asking them first but in this case I am making an exception, and for a very good reason.

My nephew Ricky was born full-term on September 4th after a long labor. There was an infection in fluid in his lungs so they were going to keep him in the NICU for 10 days. Wednesday he was transferred to a children's hospital for a 24-hr observation period to administer some tests to his brain because they thought he was having small seizures. The 24-hr period should have ended at 9pm last night but as of 10pm they still hadn't removed all of the sensors he was hooked up to.

This morning the doctors ordered an MRI set for 2pm PST this afternoon because Ricky experienced a period of brain inactivity this morning.

This is my brother's son. I love little Ricky's dad and mom so much, and my love for him makes me heart ache right now. I can't imagine how his parents feel. They live 6 hours away from me and I haven't been able to meet him yet or support them through this in person.

I ask for prayers for him, not just at 2pm PST, but all day and fervently until we hear results. I will update you all as soon as the results are in, but our hearts are hurting and we are praying God performs His great works in this situation.

Thank you,


Monday, September 9, 2013

A Rainy, Surprise-filled Weekend

     Yesterday I woke up to gray skies and soon a torrential downpour began! Living in this "fall" 100+ degree weather made me welcome this monsoon with open arms. Granted, it was still 98* outside when it started pouring down, but from inside my house I could pretend it was freezing out there!

      This morning I woke up to the same weather and I am SO happy.

     So on Friday I was going about my daily routine with the kids and I heard a knock at my front door. I assumed it was a textbook delivery and didn't blink an eyelash. As I opened the door I saw no one outside and nothing on my doorstep. I looked around and plastered against the wall was my best friend! She had driven all night from San Diego to come visit me for the whole weekend! I can't tell you how much I needed that. It was such a wonderful time!

     She bought and made lunch and dinner on Friday. She cleaned my kitchen, the playroom, and living room. She did all of my dishes every day that she was here AND put them away with Emma's help. On Saturday we went to lunch and shopped at the mall for Audrey's last minute clothing needs and she helped us out immensely by outfitting her through 3 months old! 

**Photos of my girls have been removed to protect their digital footprint**

     Yesterday we went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel and got pedicures (mine are adorable by the way), and this post is proof that we didn't take enough pictures!

     How was your weekend? Did anything surprise you or make it better than you expected?

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Successes & Struggles

This is the beginning of a new weekly series on Thursday's called "Successes & Struggles"! It gives you a chance to talk about what you're struggling with right now and gain support and encouragement from all of us! The flip side is, you have to tell about some things that you are succeeding at right now. It will make you look closely at your life and hopefully make you feel good about yourself!


- at the moment I am struggling with a toddler who does not want to go to sleep alone, yet I have a million things to do, such as homework/cleaning house/sleeping/showering/eating...

- the amount of homework that I have to do each week not lining up with the amount of time I have to actually get it done.

- extreme bodily discomfort in this last trimester of pregnancy. I don't know how I am going to make it 8 more weeks feeling this way!

- the fact that cleaning house/doing laundry/cooking meals takes effort that my pregnant body does not want to give.

- being lonely and yearning for a friend that I can call on or chat with, even go to coffee with.


- finding out, during my first semester of college math, that I am actually good at it.

- realizing that choosing Nutrition/Dietetics as my major was the right choice because I enjoy even the "dirty work" of this class immensely.

- hearing the things my daughter knows come out of her little mouth, and seeing how much she has grown each day, which brings a huge swell of pride to my soul.

- making the last few purchases for Audrey this week and knowing I can relax until she comes.

- knowing that next Friday my husband and I will have hit 5 years married!

Link-up below!

Love & Joy,


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Two's Company

As my due date nears, I am starting to feel like I may be an inadequate mother of two.

Emma Jane is my world and lately I have been so tired that I haven't been as active or fun. Combine the idea of new-mom exhaustion and the need to spread myself between two sweet girls, take care of the home, be a wife, be a friend/daughter/sister, and also continue to do school (and work once maternity leave ends)... That right there is enough to make any woman doubt her abilities to function at the level she will need to!

I know that I will be so overwhelmed with love for my girls that that will be fuel enough, but once the daily grind ensues... I get nervous thinking about it! I want to pour into my little ones, give them fun experiences, have the energy to do activities with them, to spend time on the floor with Audrey during tummy time talking about what she sees, to be able to interact with Emma in the way she needs and to allow her to do the crafts and projects she asks for like we do now.

These fears of mine I know are completely normal, and I know that it all will become my new reality just like the one I am in now, and I will forget what it was like not to have Audrey around.

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers! Audrey will be here in 8.5 weeks or less and I cannot wait to see her sweet little self in my arms.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Eat Me

What defines your eating habits?

Do you categorize your eating/nutrition style?

Would you label yourself gluten-free? Vegan? Vegetarian? Or a carnivore?

What defines your nutritional habits?

My family and I like to consider ourselves whole-food, plant-based eaters. Some might call this "vegan", but we are more concerned with living a healthy eating lifestyle than living up to a label and it's "requirements". 

I want to know about you! Leave me a comment telling me about your and/or your family's food and beverage habits!

Love & Joy,