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Saturday, May 4, 2013


I'm 14 weeks pregnant, done with the first trimester, and FINALLY not sick!

This has been the longest three months I have ever gone through. Even my first pregnancy was easier! Complications and all! At least I could function.

Today I got an email from a winner of a giveaway back in March. I have been so sick that I had to keep informing three winners that I just couldn't make their prizes at the time. Now, I am able to, finally..

But, my reputation as a business and a person has been ruined with this person, and probably the other two, and it makes me sad.

I would never, ever be that unprofessional if I could help it and I am so devastated that it has come to this. I couldn't keep up with my housework, could barely give my daughter a bath.. My husband did it all. I made my first dinner in two and a half months last night. That felt great!

I have closed my Etsy shop for now until I can make some items to have on hand for immediate shipment, and to calm the storm.

Please stick with me, I would greatly appreciate it.

Love & Mostly-Joy,



  1. Hang in there. I know EXACTLY how you feel. I have gone through three extremely difficult pregnancies and it is so hard to be completely out of commission for months on end. Especially when you have other kids (don't get me started on how much I hate that mommy guilt!). It may take a while but you WILL feel better. You will feel not so overwhelmed and you will even feel rested and creative again. :) Until then, I hope everyone is super sweet and understanding (because they should be) and hang in there. You are creating an amazing new life and that is pretty much the best super power there is. :)

  2. Giveaway winners shouldn't complain and as long as it was communicated that you couldn't make the items in a timely manner, I wouldn't worry about it. I over-communicate with my customers so they don't complain.

    You gotta take care of yourself and your family. There will always be a stick-in-the-mud person but just remember they don't matter in the end.

  3. Don't feel guilty! Life is much more important. They should be understanding of that so don't even feel bad! I am so glad that you are finally feeling a little better. Such good news!

  4. Don't feel guilty, if they can't understand what was going on after you explained then that is their problem. They should have been understanding about what was going on in your life. SO happy to hear you are feeling better!