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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dancing, Jesus, and Lemonade


...Listening to: the Les Miserables soundtrack. Still. And "Family Life Radio" every morning at the request of my toddler who insists on her Jesus music as soon as I turn on the car :)

...Watching: Dancing with the Stars (I'm a loyal fan), Splash, and Glee.

...Drinking: Mineral water and lemonade. Sometimes together. Regular water makes me nauseous right now.

...Loving: My husband, whom I do love always, but right now he is Mr. Mom and Dad and housekeeper and breadwinner, etc.. And doing an amazing job of it.

I took this idea from Chelsea, whom I also adore!

Love & Joy,


(This is me thoroughly enjoying the fulfillment of my Whopper Jr. craving yesterday.)