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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Trendy Little Link-up!


Today I am linking up with Chelsea at Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles for the first Trendy Little link-up! The idea is to link-up posts of your trendy, or just plain adorable, youngin!

Here is Emma Jane, my sweet toddler, wearing a TOTAL girl outfit. We went to Dunkin Donuts for her first time last month in this. Classy, eh? And of course she demolished her white onesie with a Strawberry Sprinkle Valentine's donut. But it was worth it... for me anyways. Let's just say this little girl is not a fan of donuts, or anything particularly sweet. I can't complain, because that will save me loads of money in doctor and dentist bills!

I hope you are having a great week and make sure to browse around the other cute Trendy Little posts on Chelsea's page!

Love & Joy,



  1. So cute! I miss when my girl was that age and I could dress her. She now has her own idea of what she wants. :)
    Hailey @ Love, Laughter and Lipstick

    1. I know those days won't last for me! My little one is strong willed!

  2. oh MY goodness!! She is a doll. I have an Emma too ::)

    Stopping by from the trendy little link up

    1. Thank you!! What is your little Emma's middle name?

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I've never been a tutu girl, but I couldn't resist.

  4. What a doll! Girls are so much fun to dress up! I love finding Simone cute outfits that are a little bit funky. So many of her styles I wish I could get away with wearing myself. :)

    Check out my little trendsetter at

    Hope your starting to get to the easier part of the first trimester! Sea sickness begone! :)