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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Things Never Go As Planned..

Today I had every intention of writing an awesome blog post about some crafts I did over the weekend. I haven't given you guys a true post in about a week and for that I'm sorry.

Wearing the many hats that I do, wife, mother, nanny, homemaker, and of course being myself, I find that life gets in the way of my plans a lot.

Today I would normally be at work with my daughter and the little one I nanny. In about an hour and a half they would both be sleeping and I could sit down with my laptop and write a fun-filled post for your eyes to read.

But alas, today did not go as planned! My daughter woke up with a fever of 102, and my boss told me to stay home. The Bean and I have watched three Tinkerbell movies so far and it is only 11am. As we speak I am watching the end of the third while she sleeps on me in our rocking chair.

I wouldn't give up these moments for a blog post about my crafting ventures. Even though I hate it when she is sick, I do love the snuggles.

Tonight my husband is taking over while I go see two friends in the musical "South Pacific". I haven't gone to a show in years, and I am looking forward to it more than you know! Please pray for my Bean. It would be much appreciated!

Love & Joy,



  1. How is your little one doing friend?

  2. I can relate. More often than not, I feel like my life is running me. Even when I try to retire some of my hats, they seem to creep out of hiding and make their way into my life again.

    When you find the secret to making things work the way you want them to, will you please blog about that?

  3. Hope you have a great night tonight and your little one feels better!

  4. AWW hope she is feeling better soon! Those times are hard, but I cherish them as well since my son is not the most cuddly kiddo unless he's sick.

  5. Hope your little one feels better soon....poor thing!

  6. Hope she feels better soon! My daughter's go to movie is The Lorax. Pretty sure I can recited the entire movie now.