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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

So What Wednesday!

Today I am linking up with "Life After I Dew" for So What Wednesday!

So what if I.....

• don't want to work late tomorrow and am hoping I have a reason to say I can't. I'm tired.

• got Dutch Bros coffee two mornings in a row.

• have started thinking of what I could buy for our new home now that we got our tax return.

• forgot to bring lunch to work today.

• let Emma watch TV this morning because I'm nauseous.

• haven't done my makeup all week.

• the laundry is folded in piles but not put away.

• the dishes are two days old.

• have no bras that fit.

• only want to watch Downton Abbey everyday but I'm dreading finding out who is leaving. I've heard it's traumatic.

• want to start buying baby clothes but won't until I know what I'm having, which is 9 weeks away.

Love & Joy,


**Photos of my girls have been removed to protect their digital footprint**


  1. Love this picture- cute! :) and I love Dutch bros non dairy iced drinks! Mnmmmmmm

  2. Gotta have a good fitting bra - must purchase pronto! *grins*

    Popped by from Nice to Meet You blog hop.

  3. Totally relate to the non-fitting bras. I bought my nursing bras in my third trimester and most of them are too small... I'm always risking a nip slip! ugh!