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Friday, February 22, 2013

Our New Home.

Many of you asked to see photos of my new home, and I apologize for the delay. We have been there for a week today! I took the photos with my iPhone so forgive me for any poor quality. Also PLEASE ignore any clutter you see, we are still organizing! Enjoy!

These are our entryway photos: Emma Jane at three, six, and nine months.

This is our kitchen which is HUGE compared to our last one! I have cupboards I don't know what to do with! (Notice how I sneakily edited out the sink full of dishes? I'm a mom, you know...)

Our dining room theme is "Friends". Here is one small wall:

Here is the view looking in from the living area:

Our other dining room wall (notice Monica's french photo there?):

And our last picture on the dividing wall:

The living room!

Our fireplace (we haven't had one in years!) and family photo collage.. Ugh, now I see the top two are off center!

I am very proud of this hutch/shelf. I snagged it for next to nothing on CL as one of the first pieces in my shabby chic collection. (See our favorite show up there?)

Our entertainment center (I refurbished from black and added new knobs!)

Our hallway (we didn't have a hallway in our sardine can):

The entrance to Emmabean's room:

The rest of her room:
(She isn't spoiled, I swear.. well, spoiled sweet.. but almost all of her toys were gifted to her, so not our fault!)... (oh, and also, she sleeps with us right now so this is essentially a playroom).

Her reading corner. She likes to rearrange the animals daily. Soon I'd like to get a cheap crib mattress and make a smushy corner with lots of pillows!

Emma's bathroom:

The shower curtain isn't crooked.. the photo is ;)

And a little snapshot of our family photo this last Thanksgiving.

Sorry, no photos of our room and bathroom yet! That area became our "catch-all" for things we haven't placed yet, so it ain't pretty! I'll give you a special peek at it when it's ready.

Thank you so much for taking a tour of my new home! If you have ANY decorating suggestions, PLEASE say so. I'm in the process of redecorating right now so it's a little sparse on the "pretty".

Love & Joy,



  1. Cute!! I love the scalloped edges on that hutch. You made it look really great!!

  2. Looks nice, Sweetie.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE! We have a small 1 Bedroom right now. So Jealous! :)