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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Letting Go of the Little Things

Next week we are moving from our one bedroom apartment to a two bedroom! You have no idea how exhilarating that is. After 2.5 years in a very small space (15 months of that time shared with a little one), we are so excited to be able to spread out and see floor space! I am really looking forward to re-decorating and I have a lot of plans and projects going on.

As I pack all of our current things up in boxes I am noticing we have a lot of little things that take up unnecessary space. I really don't want clutter or stashing going on in my new, pretty abode so I have been trying to see what we can part with.

I am a pack rat. I don't like to admit that, because I don't completely fit the description, but I am in the sense that I have a very hard time getting rid of something that has a memory. I save everything. You should see the stack of papers that I WILL get into a scrapbook someday. I have saved every movie ticket from each one I have seen in the theater from the time I was 15, including the ones my husband and I have seen. I even write who I went to the movie with on the back. I have a hard time letting things like that go, because I remember every moment when I see those little trinkets again.

I found a bin of cassette tapes under our bed this week (I bet you're saying "you still have tapes?? WHAT?!"), and I was planning on taking them with me, when I realized I don't even own a cassette player. What is the point of saving these tapes when I can't even put them to use? But they hold memories, and I can't throw those away. I found my background instrumental tapes from all of my musical theater auditions as a kid, some home-made tapes of me recording radio shows, and my favorites: my dad's background instrumental tapes from years of singing at church.

Now I haven't told you the story about my father yet, but that will come later, I promise. In short, he was my best friend, and he passed away in 2003 when I was 15 years old. Saving those tapes have the same meaning as my wearing his pajama pants, or keeping his Leatherman in my purse. I wanted to keep the tapes because they had been his. But why? I don't play them. They sit in a box under the bed. And, to be honest, they aren't even my favorite ones that he sang.

So, I decided to let go. It was really difficult to make the action of putting them in the trash. I had to tell myself that throwing them out didn't mean I was cutting any ties with my memories of him or pushing him out of my mind. It was just a step I needed to take in clearing out my physical clutter. I still have the memories of him singing in church, and I can hear his voice as if it was yesterday.

As I push through this last week of packing I hope I can muster up the courage AND the strength to let more things go. I'll let you know how I do!

What do you need to let go of?

- Leanne -


  1. good for you....that's a hard thing to do....let go. We're moving, too, so I'm letting go of things that I just don't need anymore, nothing too sentimental, but when you have to pack all your stuff, you begin to realize how little you really need to live a full life! Moving always makes me feel selfish! Anyway...excited for you to have more space and looking forward to seeing pics! :)

  2. I need to let go of caring that those are gone - they could be made into cd's or whatever...and just seeing the We Go Together tape with the colors brought back memories of it in your room.... : /

  3. I need to let go of wishing I could do more! That always needs balance in my life...and I have to let go of the hot rollers in my bathroom! I really don't think I need them any more, but boy they served me well! love you Leanne!

  4. We just moved last month, & I can most definitely say that we didn't let go of enough before the move! ;) We have boxes of stuff that didn't get opened during our pat 2 moves that made it to this new house with us. My goal is to start opening them & going through them- making a donation pile, a trash pile, & a keep pile. We did donate A LOT to Goodwill before we moved last month. You wouldn't know it, lol... but we did.

    Oh, and keep your eyes peeled next week for a post on my blog on some moving tips. ;) I have moved 3 times in the past 13 months- I thought I should share some of my "wisdom" with my readers!

  5. My ongoing goal is to live more simply. That has meant letting go of a lot of things. It's hard! I think I saw my husband weep over a thrift store-bound wooden spoon once. With some things I know why I hung on to it (like your tapes). Others, well, why have they been cluttering my house for so long?! Clutter and acquiring 'things' is such a complex issue. We have thrown out/donated/sold boxes worth of stuff we never see nor use since the beginning of the year. It feels so good I'm disappointed we didn't do it years ago.

  6. I'm a pack rat too... I have a hard time letting things go especially if it was a gift... because it's almost like I'm throwing away the person instead of the thing. (Which is CRAZY!) Taking pictures of the thing helps before I get rid of it, that way I can still look back on it. Plus it's easier to file away a digital memory of the object rather than finding a place to store the actual object. And no one can ever take away your memories of your father. :)

    Congrats on the apartment upgrade and good luck with the move!