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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I know, I know.. I am new at this. I shouldn't be discouraged yet! But I see all of these lovely ladies getting feedback, comments, and followers and I want that too! One of the reasons is that they have proven themselves. I have yet to do that, so I must be patient.

I wish my blog looked cleaner, I wish I had more followers, I wish I sold more of my things on Etsy, blah blah blah.

This will all come in due time, I am just feeling frustrated because I aim to succeed and excel at what I do. I guess the best thing I can do is work hard, be vocal, and learn patience.

Now I just need to write that mantra on my bathroom mirror and all will be well. ;)


  1. Persistence, products, and positive thinking. You'll slowly build your business, I have no doubt in my mind!

  2. I know how you feel, I want it all right now! :) But I have to realize it takes time. You will get there, you are determined to make it; that's what it takes.

    There are tons of blogs out there, and the more you visit and follow, and comment, it comes back. Link up to link parties when you can, that helps too.

    Take care and don't get too discouraged.

  3. I just wrote about being in a rut too and for reals it doesn't matter how many followers, sales, fans etc. it happens and its normal to feel this way. I feel this way.

    I think that in the community we are in, its really hard to not compare ourselves to others. Thing is- how do we stop? If we step away then we aren't connected and miss out, finding balance and staying positive are things I'm constantly hoping for! I hope you find it too =)

  4. I think your page is really refreshingly pretty. I like it.
    Yep, we get all juiced up and things don't fly high like we hope, right off the bat...gotta let it steep - it'll get there. Once it does you will feel overwhelmed and will be paying for help, so enjoy the slower pace for now.
    I love you.
    Anonymous Mom

  5. Don't be dicouraged! I mean, don't get me wrong, I totally understand that feeling! But it's a process, a big long process. It's all about connecting with people & building relationships and everything else will fall into place. Try link parties and asking to guest posts & swap ad spaces and things like that. You'll get it! Keep it up!

    Oh and I found you through my Facebook page after you left that comment, see! Things like that! nice to meet you! :)